Rain & Wind, No Snow

10997192_10205510551896631_704764242660814815_nToday, as the East Coast is digging out from a BIG winter storm, we sit in our part of Alaska with no snow on the ground, strong winds and mostly temperatures above freezing. Another warmer than ” normal” winter.

I cannot say I miss blizzards, below zero windchill, or trying to safely move through heavy snows.

My soul does miss the quiet we usually have with the snows. I miss the peace that seems to come with the snows. The sense, even if it is false, that the “world” isn’t going to creep into your sphere while the new snows are around. The sun that makes things sparkle.

With the winds comes less need for the generator to run, as the wind turbines meet all our power needs. The rains are biting and such we are making up for the lack of moisture we have been battling the last few years. I am already sick of the cloudy weather, but it is not freezing much so there are trade offs.

I have been listening with an extra “ear” towards one of our wind turbines the last week or so. It is making an extra loud hum that the others do not, and I do remember. Something to keep watching and hoping it does not mean a bearing or something else is going out.

Also it doesn’t seem to feather like I think it should be.

On top of all of this one of the other turbines is making the switching system go nuts with lots of clicking. I thought it might be due to the high winds forcing the battery charge level too high, but even after turning the brakes on that turbine and letting that the battery charge level down it starts doing it again once I take the brake off of it. For now it is shut down and a call will be made to my renewable ‘guru’ on possible thoughts.

Don’t let anyone tell you, as they are selling you, any renewable energy system that it is maintenance “free”. Thank heavens we knew better, and I am not a head in the clouds kind of person.


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