Coming Home

It has been right at three months, although I try hard NOT to count the days, since I lost my  spouse. The death was unexpected, immediate and a total shock. Having now come home from being ‘out’ for the holidays,the tough part of starting to really pick up the pieces of our lives and mold them into some type of life for myself needs to start in earnest.

There has really been little chance to shut down and just ‘grieve’ as we have businesses to keep going, although they are mostly seasonal and this  is the time of year when it is more planning than doing.  Too many things, from making sure there is power to critters needs, call on me daily for attention so succumbing to any type of inaction just cannot happen without a risk of actual harm coming about.

Almost each day, it seems, brings some new task I must learn more about to have things run smoothly or even at all.  Yesterday it was dealing with routers that run our Internet system. I was finally able to work things around to get all of our systems up so I can communicate with the ‘world’.  The day before it was helping to get a kinked and broken propane line  repaired. Learning what it took to flare the end of the copper tubing once the kink was cut out so the fitting could be connected again, and  get propane running into the house, enabling cooking to happen once again. Today seems to be going well enough, so far, that I am getting a break although I can see a possible issue with the solar (panels) tracker. I will need to reach out to my “renewable power guru” via email and pictures to tackle another day. Oh the havoc a 100+ mph wind can cause, especially when you are not there to take precautions.

At this point I am going to stick with the chore of sorting a months worth of mail and working on a planting schedule for the season coming up.