How I Got to This Place

After coming to live in rural (the bush) Alaska some years ago, joining my spouse who grew up in the state, I am now trying to make it on my own in an area that is less than friendly.

We built a hard working but successful life that includes a number of businesses, not unusual in this state. We have a commercial fishing business, that includes a processing portion that his mom started some almost 60 years ago, a small but quickly growing farm and finally a fueling business on our private 5000′ airstrip.

We were a partnership that worked hard together and most importantly enjoyed doing so. Our educations and life experiences complimented each other. We both believed strongly in the ability of this area of Alaska to be sustainable and to offer a way of life that is hard to find any more. We have worked hard to support other area businesses and those wanting to keep this a great place to live, while offering opportunities to those who want to join us in the area.

It might not be the easiest thing to do, carrying on alone, but our dreams are intertwined with the hopes, dreams and businesses of others and I am going to do all I can to keep our end of that going.

I decided to put this all ‘down on paper’ so, hopefully, when I reach those points where I wonder if I can on I will be able to review what has happened up to that point and gather my courage to continue.

Whether I have any of this go ‘public’ is yet to be seen.



One thought on “How I Got to This Place

  1. I lost your posts here and just found them again. I’m so appreciative of your words, sad for your losses, and hopeful for the future. I will bookmark this to be sure I do NOT lose it again!


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